Who is Tage?
Tage is kind.
Kind to the kind. Kind to your troubled soul.
Tage is curious and never says no.
Tage asks: Motown? Tage says yes!
Tage asks: Mexico? Yes, says Tage!
Submarine ambient? Sure!
Tage has played with them all.
ABBA, The Beatles, Wagner and Djingis Khaan.
He played whatever and however they wanted.
Tage plays with himself now.
Tage is stupid.
Says stupid things. But in a fun way. Tage never repends afterwards.
Tage shows all of his ugly.
And his most beautiful. It’s all the same for Tage.
Tage is Sven, Coma, Daniel and Niklas.
Tage met in a tourbus around Europe.
Tage played with someone famous.
Tage was concieved in this bus.
Tage was given birth in a recording studio between two large lakes and one field.
Tage is
Tage is music and stuff
Tage is here!