Daniel4ever is a new group consisting of Daniel Boyacioglu, Markus Jägerstedt and Nils Törnqvist.

Blending rap and poetry Daniel Boyacioglu became one of Sweden’s most successful poets in the early 2000s and has since gone on to publish six collections of poetry, several music albums in various styles and collaborations, as well as performed at all the major theatres in Sweden. 

Markus Jägerstedt is a Swedish musician, composer and producer with an impressive track record both in range and depth: from Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique to composing the music to the motion picture I am Zlatan.

Nils Törnqvist is one of the most sought-after drummers in Sweden and can be heard playing with artist such as Laleh and Miike Snow as well as the highly successful Swedish pop band Amason, of which he is a permanent member. 

Daniel and Nils first met when they were collaborating on a song for one of Amason’s album. Later, Nils introduced Daniel to long time friend and fellow musician, Markus Jägerstedt. The group came together for the first time in the Paalsund Studio for a first session in spring 2020. The chemistry between the three of them was obvious right from the start and they soon started meeting up in the studio to write and record songs once a week:  striving to write songs that matters to a wider audience while reaching beyond the boundaries of established genres at the same time.