MOR is the initials of three Swedish music legends, Mapei, Okazaki and Rusiak. The sum of their gathered accomplishments is almost to long to list, but it includes worldwide succeses, rewarded artscraft brilliance and status as Swedish music royalty. Let’s be clear, these are not your typical L.A Swedes who write mainstream pop songs for major artists. MOR digs deep. These three old friends have always had their ears and hearts close to the underground – while at the same time – all of them have been working at the top of the pop music bizniz. New York raised Mapei met up with Stockholm producers Okazaki and Rusiak to make a new Mapei album after her megahit with “Don’t Wait”, but after only 1 day of work she understood this was something else, something greater than herself. The music came with tremendous ease, and it was too much of a gathered dream, too much of a gathered open stream – MOR had to be the collective force of three stars aligned, a band, a family. This music, raw and free, is the outcome of three people having an intimate understanding about each ones path, capability and greatness.

We really want you join in.

Photo: Camilla Cherry